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White Russia Ru_ekat

Official Name : Menshevik White Russia
Current Name : White Russia
Regime : Socialdemocracy
Capitals : Kyev, Odessa
Currency : white rubles

Chief of the State : Grand Duke Nicholas III Romanov
Head of the Government : Prime MInister Kerenskij

Population : 100.000.000 circa
Ethnies : Russians, Ukrainans, Romanians, Germans, Gorgians, Armenians, Azeres, Cossacks, Tatars
Manpower : 47.000.000
Army : 500.000 men in time of peace


When the Oktober Revolution deposed the Keresnkij government, the Mensheviks feld to southern Russia, where they formed a united front with the Tzarist troops and fought against the reds .
This war lasted three years and was particularly violent : it is estimated that one milion people died fighting in the Ukrainan battlefields .
The advance of the red Army was interrupted by the violent death of itsleader, Trockij, who was misteriously shot by an ex-czarist officer, whose the sons had been killed in the war against the Kyev government .
In 1921 a revolt of the Lethonian shooters in Saint Petersburg forced the Bolsheviks to flee the area and relocate in Siberia, now in the hands of various warlords .
Today the White Russia is the only area where order and a relative wealthness have been restored, while the rest of old Russia remains in the hands of ruel warlords or weak autonomous repubblics, as in Abhkazia where a rebel Anarchist Repubblic has rebeled .
White Russia
White Russia

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