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Post  White Russia on Sun Nov 16, 2008 4:47 am

War in the Caucasus

If the Ukrainans and Russians of the west of our Repubblic can live peaceful lives in total security and prosperity, the inhabitants of the Caucasus are less fortunate : since years the Black Army and the autonomus repubblics of Mingrelia and Abhkazia are rebeling against the Menshevik state, but our forces are now reacting in a region that has been neglected since decades .
Indeed, until now, the security of this region has been duty of Cossack Irregular Armies and the socialdemocrat Green Army, ally of our government since 1921 .
These militias, if they have been loyal to their government, haven't however been very nice with the locals and the popularity of the legitimate government isn't now at its best .
The operations have now been taken by the Rehular Army, now free from the menace of the Makhno Army in Ukrainia : the general Tuckachevsij, right arm of Chief General Pyotr Nikolayevich Wrangel, will now lead the war operations against the rebels of the Caucasus .

White Gazeta World_war_1
Regulars deployng

However the campaign announces to be difficult : the Repubblics of Mingrelia and Abhkazia are popular among the locals and know perfectly how to fight in a so difficult area .
Moreover they can coumt on fifty thousands soldiers, whose a large part is veteran from the Red Army .
In Abhkazia the veteran Red General Mikhail Grunze has established a cruel military regime which benefits of the gold stealen from the Czar's treasure in 1917 .
This is however a very delicate area and any war action could upset the proud of the nearest power, the Seldjudik Empire, for this the Government, led by Kerenskij, has started negotiations for a friendship treaty with our neighbours .
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Post  White Russia on Thu Nov 20, 2008 10:39 am

War in the Caucasus 2

War operations have finally started in the Caucasus, as more than one hundred thousands regulars, flanked by the Green Army are now assaulting the positions held by the red soldiers of Michail Grunze .
Our troops, whoch are personally led by Grand General Wrangel, are divided in three main armies, whose the duty is to attack frontally and in the flanks the enemy troops .
These armies are the IXth, the VIIIth and the VIIth army : of them the first two will attack the repubblic of Abhkazia, while the third will cut any link between the two rebel repubblics, so that the White Army can procede to the destruction of enemy pockets of resistance, one by one .

White Gazeta Imag0397
Cavalry Regiment in formation

After one month the Repubblic of Abhkazia has virtually ceased to exist : the IXth Army, comoposed by thirty thousands men, and the Green Army have attacked the enemy frontline from the city of Gagra, while the IVth Autonomous Cavalry Division has managed to cut the supply lines of the enemy troops .
The latters had to withdraw to the city of Tkvarcheli, but they were prevented by the VIIIth army, which surrounded the enemy army in the town of Sokhumi .
There they were forced to surrender, after one week of fightings : indeed general Frunze himself went to surrender to the white general Rossoswski, who tributed to his troops the honour of arms .

White Gazeta Usaargonnetank
Renault light tanks in action

Few enemy troops put finally together a desperate resistance in the city of Tkvarcheli, the capital of the dying repubblic : few anarchist and red fanatics have desperately defended the House of the People and the Military Headquarters in this city, resisting for few hours and fighting room by room .
The intervention of the Cadets Corp, the Elite of our Army, has forced the last resistants to surrender, while the few who managed to escape have been captured and shot by the Cossack militians, in an act of useless cruelty .
Now part of the Caucasus is pacified, while the Russian war machine is now concentrating in a last effort, the one which will lead to the conquest and submission of the Mingrelian anarchist Repubblic .
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