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White Guards Admiral-kolchak-1
General of the White Army

The White Guard is the Regular Army of the Menshevik White Russia and is regarded as the garant of the independance of the country and the respect of the constitution .
The White Guard is composed by 500.000 troops but is flanked by a large number of militias and irregular armies, as the Caucasian Cossack Army or the Green Guard, both acting in the Caucasian mountains .

White Guards Kozakken
Cossack irregulars

The regular army is organised and fights in the occidental way and has had a large number of reforms since the times of the Czarist Army : it is composed by one hundred divisions, composed each by four regiments .
These troops are assigned in the whole territory which is divided in thirty military circonscription .
The army is equipped with the usual Mosin Nagant rifles and with a modified version of the Mauser ; the automatic rifles are present but aren't very diffused : the army will however be soon equipped with these weapons in the next years .
The cavalry is quite commun : there are ten autonomous cavalry brigades in the White Russian territory .

The Infanty is flanked by fifteen Artillery Brigades armed with field guns ( the French 75 mm or the Skoda field Cannon ) and with heavy guns, used for huge bombings or fixed on trains .
These brigades are often motorised or use trains for transport and even during fightings .
Moreover the White Russia disposes of five hundreds light tanks and two hundreds heavy tanks, mostly imported from France : so the Russian Army uses the Char B and the Somua tanks .
However the Command is developing a new more performant tank, which would be considered as the first Russian tank ever built .

White Guards S-35_2
Somua Tank

The air force is composed by ten regiments, whose six are flyng regiments, disposing of more than one thousand fighters and five hundreds bombers, while the other foour are AA artillery regiments, protecting the airfields and the main industrial centers .

The nacy is composed by ten cruisers and two battleships, all restaored and modernised ships of the ancient Imperial Navy .
These ships are armed with 220 mm, 110 mm and 76 mm cannons and, although being thirty years old, are still efficient .
The Amiraulty, which has its headquarters in Sebastopol, also disposes of an Elite Marine Infantry Division formed by five thousands elements .

White Guards 300px-Russian_battleship_Oslyabya_01
Peresviet Class Battleship
White Russia
White Russia

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