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White Russia Ru_ekat

Official Name : Menshevik Repubblic of White Russia
Officious Name : White Russia

Regime : Socialdemocracy
Capitals : Kyev, Odessa

Ethnies : Russians, Ukrainans, Romanians, Georgians, Armenians, Azeres, Kalmuks, Tatars .
Population : 60.000.000 people

Manpower : 22.000.000
Army : 350.000 people ( whose 310.000 soldiers, 20.000 subofficers, 20.000 officers )


When the Menshevik government was deposed in the Oktober Revolution the main generals of the Tzarist army and the Mensheviks formed an emergency front against the Bolsheviks, who menaced the fragile equilibrium of Russia .
What followed were four years of civil wars, agter which the Bolsheviks were forced to withdraw from the main centers of the South European Russia and the Menshevicks managed to reform a stable government in Kyev, while the rest of Russia was divided between cruel warlords and puppet governments .
The following years were dedicated to the recovering of the economy of the area and to the submission of the rebel anarchist movements : the Green Guards and the Black Guards, which have just been subdued after ten years of war .
Now the Menshevik government can look with more serenity to the future and can introduce a democratic system in Russia .
White Russia
White Russia

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