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Post  Kalmar Union on Sat Dec 06, 2008 5:20 pm

The Kalmar Union Proclaimed, Marxist Collective Destroyed

Thousands cheered in the newly renamed capital of Prolestaden as the Kalmar Union was named the successor state. The ACO has given way to a new organization, Anarcom, the only form of central government in the entire country, has been formed. Anarcom will be a government body made up of 15 people, known as Judicators, who can serve a maximum of two terms, a year each term. Elections will be each every year to either elect a new Judicator or re-elect a Judicator on December 30.

In order to ensure the people and the Soviets maintain power, every and all gun law or regulation has been eliminated. Every decision that passes Anarcom must be approved via referendum to go into effect. Law enforcement will now be handled locally, and directed by each individual Soviet.

Not only this, but the monetary system itself is planned to be scrapped in favor of a gift economy. Some doubt its feasibility due to technological limitations, however most Anarcho-Communists have affirmed that it will be implemented immediately. However it is also planned that Money will continue to be used when dealing with foreign countries, seeing as how it will have no value here.

The entire purpose of Anarcom's existence is to ensure the continued survival of the Kalmar Union. A military will remain in use, limited to a small volunteer army to ensure the defence of the people is assured. Anarcom will also oversee diplomatic relations with other countries as well as economic, ensuring the people receive the necessary resources to overcome the bitter cold of the Arctic.
Kalmar Union
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