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Full Name: Le Commonwealth des Acadiens et Québecois
Full Translated Name: The Commonwealth of Acadians and Quebecois
Short Form: Acadian Commonwealth (most common; found on most official government documents), Acadia, Greater Acadia
Capital: Montréal
Important cities: Québec, Toronto-York, Saint-Jean, Gatineau, Baie-Tonnerre, Jeanville
Government Type: Centrist republic
State Religion: None, but Catholicism holds much influence
National Anthem: "Depuis notre patrimonie, jusqu'à notre avenir."
Major Ethnic Groups:

*French (87%)
-Acadian (58%)
-Quebecois (29%)

*English (7%)

*Irish (3%)

*Other (3%)

Monetary Unit: Dollaire
Population: 42.3 million
Defense Budget: 31%
Active Troops: 250,000
Reserves: 200,000
Total Troops: 450,000 (does not include total number of call-up manpower)

Prominent Acadian Officials
Chancellor - Daniel-Étienne Vallières
Vice Chancellor - Marcel Tremblay
Minister of Defense - Marc-André Bouchard
Minister of Foreign Affairs - Gilles Bastarache
Acadian Commonwealth
Acadian Commonwealth

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