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Post  Acadian Commonwealth on Mon Nov 17, 2008 6:24 pm

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Delegates to be sent to C.S.A., Edo Despotate

La Gazette Acadienne Bernard-Kouchner

Montréal, AC - In a gesture of both goodwill and in efforts of opening up to the international community, Acadian delegates are reported to have been sent to the Confederate States of America and the Edo Despotate. International political analysts have described the act as "another step in the relaxation" of international Acadian relations, which have typically been seen as cold and isolationist.

"It is time for us to build closer ties with the international community," Foreign Minister Gilles Bastarache. "There is much potential to be reached with our neighbours to the south and friends across the Pacific."

No word was given on official relations with Jafnastaten, the hardline Arctic communist state directly north of the Commonwealth.

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