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A Friendly Welcome - Updated 18th Nov 2008

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A Friendly Welcome - Updated 18th Nov 2008 Empty A Friendly Welcome - Updated 18th Nov 2008

Post  Azrael Malak-al-Maut Thu Nov 13, 2008 7:30 am

Welcome one and all to Alea Iacta Est.
I sincerely hope you will have a pleasant stay here and will help the rest of us create a working and friendly place for all people to create a new history for the World that we know as the planet Earth.

On the Subject of Time and Technology

This is an alternate timeline. There are no RL events happening unless you make them happen.

The era of this forum will be WW2, due to it seeming to be the best compromise of general consensus. That means that pre-WW2 technologies will be available and some WW2 technologies will be introduced early on in the RP. You will have to respect the point that the technology invented or developed during the Second World War was mainly due to the ongoing war, so keep in mind you do not have at the start of this RP the required incentive to start developing heavy tanks or jet engines, for example.

The starting year will be 1940 and each day will represent a week of IC time. Due to this forum not having the real world history, you have a completely blank slate on where or how to start off and you do not necessarily have to be in line with the real history of the place where you are situated either.

There will be no nuclear weaponry. An important fact to remember. It will at some point cause for this to become a slugfest that will in the end turn everything into a wasteland with fallout an everyday occurence. I do not wish this to happen.

On the Subject of the Map

There will be four spots per each nation, although a fifth can be requested if you are planning to populate an area that is not resource-rich in any way of the word. I will personally process your request and either deny or allow you a fifth plot, depending on which other plots you own, how you are planning to set up your nation and so forth. This is in order to avoid clogging up more wanted areas of the map instantly.

There will be no matter what a white plot or inactive nation somewhere on the map. You may use airlift to transport troops through a white plot, sure, but you cannot transport troops by having them march through. That also means you cannot invade white plots. In the case of you moving troops through an allied nation or stationing forces within an allied nation when it gets white plotted, tough luck. When, or if, this happens you should immediately begin RP of removing your forces from the plot and this transportation of troops should take no more than three days of real life time.

On the subject of Warfare

I will expect all of you kiddies to play together around here. In order to also be open for non-NS users, this forum will not use any statistics that would be taken from NationStates or other nation RPs. Wars will be played out by planning with the other player(s) and roleplayed. Moderation can be requested for wars if you necessarily require it, but any nation in th region will have a voice if they see something as unrealistic within a war. You should take the players who are not in the conflict seriously as well, because the moderation might be just as tough on you than the other players.

In order to have an effective starting point from which to launch your wars from, I encourage you to set up a thread in the Nations section about your armed forces, including numbers of active forces, reserves and possible militias as well along with the number of ships your navy might have. As a general guideline, I see about 4% of a nation's population as available for active duty and you should build from that, although starting from scratch will also be fine.

This does not mean you can have multi-billion citizen nations, though.

Regarding nations in low-income and/or resource-poor land areas, you must take it into concideration how many active soldiers you can manage and how much it would cost to keep it active and supplied with at least semi-recent equipment. Even if your nations would be several hundred million in population, you could not hold a several million man standing army alive or supplied for long if you're right in the middle of the of the Himalayas. Not even in this semi-fictional setting.
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