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Section 1-A: Introduction

In his divine wisdom His Holiness Pope Pius IX has hereby authorised the Pontifical Council for Defence to publish an informative article concerning the history and organisation of the Papal Armed forces. Whilst the document is by no means all-encompassing, it can be utilised as a reliable source for scholars and historians to gain information from. Furthermore, observers should recognise that it is a work in progress, and that it is not expected to be completed until the end of the year.

Section 2-A: History of the Pontifical Army

In the early history of the Papal States, when it was ambiguously treading the boundary between nation and landowner, it exclusively used local mercenaries to protect itself from foreign aggressors. These provided an effective, if unreliable, substitute for a standing army which successfully managed to safeguard the majority of Papal territorial possessions from the various enterprising empires which sought to expand into the Italian peninsula. The new country was further protected by the spread of Catholicism, which lead to dozens of kingdoms pledging their support for the Pope (and thereby promising to defend His lands).

The first recorded accounts of a regular Pontifical Army are dated to 1021 AD. This was organised in a similar way to other European powers of the time, with light, conscripted peasant infantry and knight cavalry forming the backbone of a force led by feudal Lords and Barons. Across the next three hundred years the army gradually replaced mercenary forces to become the main source of defence for the Papal States (although some mercenary units remained- and still remain- for the sake of tradition). During this process it was also standardised and organised into an extremely efficient fighting force which made the Pope into a powerful secular leader, as well as a formidable spiritual one.

The Papal army remained a comparatively modern fighting force which advanced at a rate which was generally slightly faster than its counterparts. To this day it has upheld a reputation of impeccable discipline and professionalism which has ensured the retention of its status as one of the finest land forces in the world.

Section 2-B: Funding and Composition of the Pontifical Army

Percentage of GDP- 0.2%
Percentage of Military Expenditure- 20%
Number of Active Papal Soldiers- 107,422
Number of Active Swiss Mercenaries- 2,000

Section 3-A: History of the Pontifical Navy

The Pontifical Navy has its history mired not only in that of the Papal States but in the various historical maritime republics of Italy. This means that it has a wide variety of traditions and heritages which scholars are only just beginning to unravel, a fact which makes it difficult to accurately record in one document. However, plain fact shows that the Papal States has always been proud of its efficient, powerful navy, and that its sailors have long been thought of as some of the most formidable in the world (TBC).

Section 2-B: Funding and Composition of the Pontifical Navy

Percentage of GDP- 0.3%
Percentage of Military Expenditure- 30%
Number of Active Papal Sailors- 213,906

-His Eminence Lucius Tarquinius Collatinus, President of the Pontifical Council for Defence

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