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Post  Hanseatic Empire on Sat Nov 15, 2008 4:54 pm

A Suez Event Gallgrafspeemontevideo11

The captain of the Hanseatic cruiser Admiral Graf Spee stood silent on the bridge of his command, looking ahead with his binoculars. The command to change course had been given mere hours before the flotilla was to turn north towards Istanbul and frankly he wasn't all that pleased.With nothing but a single auxiliary vessel alongside the Cruiser, he would be in charge of pressuring the L'iao Biella to reopen the Suez Canal. What had begun as an operation to secure the safety of the Hanseatic trade route and merchant vessels had now become a setting for gunboat diplomacy in it's finest. Especially since now the Kaiser was threatening to launch the Battleship Bismarck to the Mediterranean to take care of the situation once and for all. The captain could not complaint about the possibilities this gave him and the navy as a whole, since every naval conflict meant steps up the naval career ladder and further ships to bolster the strength of the already mighty fleet of Hanseatic ships around the seas of the World.

Suddenly the alarms went on in the ship. The ship was entering L'iao Biella waters and they had spotted a ship heading straight at them at a rapid pace. As the approaching vessel got closer, it was clear it was merely a merchant vessel and the alarm was false for now. However, no approaching vessel could be taken for granted in the waters of a foreign state and the ships had to be on the lookout constantly. The Admiral Graf Spee had it's guns directed constantly towards the African continent as it closed in on the Suez Canal, ready to affirm international passage by force if needed.
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