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Status Pontificus
Papal States

The Papal States 125px-Papal_Flag The Papal States 85px-Papal_Coat

Motto: Sarcalogos Vernula (Christ's Servants)
Anthem: Modus Militaris Pontificalis (Papal March)

-Capital (and largest city): Rome
-Other Large Cities: Mediolanum, Venetia, Tarentum

-Official: Latin
-Common: Albanian, German

-Total: 44,515,000
-Racial Demographics: Papal (74.9%), Albanian (11.2%), German (6.1%), Greek (3.2%), Gypsy/Roma (2.7%), Other (1.6%)
-Religious Demographics: Catholic (91.1%), Orthodox (5.7%), Muslim (2.4%), Other (0.5%)

-Type: Constitutional Theocracy
-Pope: Pope Pius IX
-Speaker: Aulus Claudius Magnus

-From the Western Roman Empire: 752 AD
-Urbanite Treaty: 1321 AD

-Currency: Scudo (PSC)
-GDP per Capita: $17,564.61

The Papal States (in Latin Status Pontificus) is a moderately sized nation located in Central Europe. Whilst in theory it is a constitutional theocracy, almost all actual governance is conducted through the Pope (currently Pius IX), with elected officials playing a largely advisory role in the country's governance. It remains a heavily conservative state, with even its electoral system completely excluding females, non-Catholics and Albanians (whose native country has recently been annexed by the Papal States).

The Papal States Psigdm8
The Papal States
The Papal States

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