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Full Name: Confederate States of America, The
Full Translated Name: ---
Short Form: Confederacy, The
Capital: Richmond, Virginia
Other important cities: Atlanta, GA; Raleigh, NC; Columbus, OH; Detroit, Michigan; Nashville, TN; Indianapolis, ID; Boston, MA; Pittsburg, PA; Havana, Cuba; Port-au-Prince, Haiti; Santo Dominigo, Dominican Republic; Kingston, Jamaica
Government Type: Republic
State Religion: Christian, primarily Southern Baptist
National Anthem: "God Save the South"
Major Ethnic Groups:

  • Caucasian (35%)
  • African-American (25%)
  • Native American[s] (16%)
  • Irish American (8%)
  • Other (7%)
  • Hispanic American (5%)
Monetary Unit: Confederate Dollar
Population: 113 million
Defense Budget: 37%
Active Troops: 800,000
Reserves: 60,000
Total Troops: 860,000

Prominent Seljuk Officials
President of the Confederacy - Samuel Davis
Vice-President of the Confederacy - Henry Jackson
Minister of Defense - Thomas Kennedy
Minister of Foreign Affairs - Benjamin Thompson


In 1860 the Confederate States of America seceded from the United States of America. Immediately the Union declared war, and the War Between the States began, raging for 3 years until in 1863 the Confederate General Robert E. Lee discovered an alternate route to bypass Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. This resulted in the Union Army being caught off guard, the Army of Northern Virginia claiming a decisive victory and France and England officially backing the South. The war continued until 1865 when the U.S. agreed to a cease fire, the C.S. complied and all was settled.

In 1871 the Commonwealth of Kentucky desired to officially join the Confederacy, but the Union disallowed it. Missouri also wished to join the South. Confederate President Jefferson Davis was more than willing, but did not know just how to go about it. Finally, under orders of Ulysses S. Grant, the Union Army marched to subdue parts of Kentucky and Missouri. This was all the Confederacy needed as it declared war and proceeded to bring about the Second War Between the States. In 1874 the conflict came to an end, Kentucky and Missouri being absorbed into Confederate territory. The United States, or what remained of it, would weaken economically due to a lack of support from European and Asian countries, both continents who preferred their southern counterparts. In 1876, one hundred years after the signing of the Declaration of Independence, the Union ceased to exist in place of the Confederacy.

The Caribbean, a vassal of the former United States of America were, by default, granted to the Confederate States of America, and would be formally annexed by the Confederate government. Even the British would relent parts of New England and Canada to the newly arrived power while keeping some territories for themselves, bestowing the full territorial expansion of the Confederacy.

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