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Hanseatic Empire - Factbook Ces_niem_1871
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Full Name: Hanse Reich
Full Translated Name: Hanseatic Empire
Short Form: Hansa
Capitol: Danzig
Other important cities: Berlin, Oslo, Bergen, Kristiansand, Göteborg, Kalmar, Kristianstad, Stockholm, Copenhagen
Government Type: Dictatorship
State Religion: Lutheran
National Anthem: "All Hail the Kaiser!" (To the composition of Preussens Gloria)
Major Ethnic Groups:

  • Germans (37%)
  • Swedes (29%)
  • Norwegians (26%)
  • Poles (6%)
  • Danes (2%)
Monetary Unit: Daler
Population: 46,8 million
Defence Budget: 37%

Prominent Hanseatic Officials
Kaiser - Hans Wilhelm IV
Chancellor - Jacob Ålsson
Minister of Defense - Franz Schumacher
Minister of Foreign Affairs - Hermann Jacobsen


Hanseatic Empire
Hanseatic Empire

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