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Full Name: 大日本帝國 [Dai Nippon Teikoku]
Full Translated Name: Empire of Greater Japan
Short Form: The Despotate, Japan, Japanese Empire

Era Name: 和合時代[Wagō Jidai] ("Period of Concordance")
Era Timeline: 1936 - (Ascension of the Wagō Tennō to the imperial throne)

Official Administration Name:江戸苛政 [Edo Kasei]
Full Translated Name: Edo Despotate/Despotate of Edo

Capital: Edo
Government Type: Oligarchy
Religion: State Shintō, Shrine Shintō, Shintō Sects, Buddhism, Daoism, Catholic Christanity, Folk Religions (Non-Shintō faiths are being suppressed)
National Anthem: 君が代
Ethnic Groups:

    Japanese (39%)
    Korean (24%)
    Han Chinese(24%)

Currency: Yen
Population: 157.6 million
Edo Despotate
Edo Despotate

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