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Nunga-Martu Federation
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Short Name: NMF, Nunga-Martu
Languages: English, Manyjilyjarra(Martu's), Ngarrindjeri(Nunga's)
Religions: Catholic, Protestant, Dream Time(Nunga&Martu spirituality)
Ethnic Groups: Caucasian, Aboriginal(Indigenous)
Population: 15 million


Capital: Perth
Government: Parliamentary Republic
Prime Minister: Herbert Rann
Head of State: Walter Barnet


Currency: Nunga-Martu Doller-NMD
Gross Domestic Product:
GDP Per Capita:

Armed Forces

Annual Expenditure:
Active Forces:
Reserve Forces:


The Nunga-Martu Federation was established in 1801, by the joining of the western and southern colonies.
The history of the native people stretches back 40,000 years.
Nunga-Martu Federation
Nunga-Martu Federation

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