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Full Name: Ṣaljūqīyān
Full Translated Name: Greater Seljuk Empire, The
Short Form: Seljuk, The
Capital: Istanbul
Other important cities: Ankara, Izmir, Bursa, Adana, Gaziantep, Konya, Antalya, Kayseri, Mersin, Diyarbakur, Jerusalem, Athens, Sparta
Government Type: Monarchic Dictatorship
State Religion: Islam
National Anthem: "Istiklal Marsi"
Major Ethnic Groups:

  • Turks (47%)
  • Greeks (19%)
  • Iraqis (16%)
  • Iranians (6%)
  • Germans (4%)
  • Other (3%)
  • Romanian (2%)
Monetary Unit: Toprak
Population: 115.3 million
Defense Budget: 43%
Active Troops: 600,000
Reserves: 50,000
Total Troops: 650,000

Prominent Seljuk Officials
Sultan - Selim VII
Grand Vizier - Nizam al-Muk
Minister of Defense - Ahmed Hassan al-Bakr
Minister of Foreign Affairs - Koksal Toptan


Following the Great War, the Ottoman Empire experienced an economic and political backlash, which allowed for their mighty territorial empire to collapse and seek independence. Not having the strength to suppress the rebellions, the Ottomans crumbled internally allowing for the rise of the Seljuks to take hold of what remained in the former Ottoman Empire and crowning a new Sultan.

Despite several setbacks, the economy and military of the Seljuk Empire continues to grow, funding and allowing it to expand into the mighty power it once was before the outbreak of war in the early 20th Century.
Seljuk Empire
Seljuk Empire

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