The Kingdom of L'iao Biella

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The Kingdom of L'iao Biella

Post  L'iao Biella on Thu Nov 13, 2008 5:02 pm

The Kingdom of L'iao Biella
Short Name: L'iao Biella
Languages: Arabic, Hebrew, French (regional)
Religions: Islam, Judaism, Christianity
Ethnic Groups: Arab, Berber, Habesha, Jewish
Population: 150,000,000


Capital: Sabitha
Government: Constitutional Monarchy
Head of State: King Sulaīmān IV
Prime Minister: Amin Qaderi


Currency: Dirham
Gross Domestic Product:


Defense Budget: 15% of Annual Expenditure
Active Troops: 5,733,201
Reserves: 12,420,210
Total Troops: 18,153,411


The Kingdom of L'iao Biella was first established in the 11th Century.
L'iao Biella
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